The small town of Montalcino is huddled around its fortressed castle on the Tuscan hillside. Montalcino residents are a tight knit community with a strong sense of identity and deep love for their territory. Andrea Costanti is a well known figure, and former president of the Brunello Consorzio, whose family has been part of Montalcino history since 1555. Like Montalcino itself, he is both profoundly rooted in local tradition, and receptive to international, contemporary trends. In 1983, Andrea took over from his uncle, Count Emilio. Andrea was freshly graduated from Siena University with a geology degree and, while some may have thought Emilio a hard act to follow, he set to the task with a will and determination that has seen the winery upgraded, vineyards expanded and the family’s reputation for great Brunello enhanced. The wines have the unmistakable imprint of the Matrichese cru, yielding Brunello of unparalleled elegance and complexity.
  • Village: Montalcino
  • Province : Siena
  • Established : 1555
  • Owners : Andrea Costanti
  • WineMaker : Andrea Costanti & Vittorio Fiore
  • Production : 60,000 bottles
  • Hectares Under Vine : 10
  • Viticulture : Conventional
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