Le Casematte

Faro Sicily

Photo: Gianfranco Sabbatino (L) and Andrea Barzagli

Faro is one of Italy's smallest DOC's with less than thirty hectares under vine, located on the north eastern tip of Sicily in the Messinesi hills wedged between two seas - the Tyrrhenian and the Ionian that meet at the Messina Strait. 

Le Casematte was named after the two casemates in the vineyards that served as observatories and defensive structures during World War II. The terraced vineyards (some with a gradient of 70 degrees) are planted between 250 and 370 metres above sea level on clayey-sandy-calcareous soil.  The vines here b enefit from the constant sea breezes of the Messina Strait, especially the howling Sirocco wind during summer, and there are significant day/night temperature variations. This adds up to fruit rich wines with wonderful aromatic qualities that show beautiful freshness and balance with a strong sense of place.


  • Faro
  • Messina
  • 2008
  • Gianfranco Sabbatino, Filippo Pistone & Andrea Barzagli
  • Carlo Ferrini
  • 30,000 bottles
  • 7
  • Organic