Elio Ottin

Parossan Neyves Valle d'Aosta

Elio Ottin is the rising star of Valle d'Aosta, the smallest of Italy's regions located in The Alps bordering France and Switzerland. Elio, a passionate farmer, was selling his fruit to the local cooperative (very common in these parts due to the small land holdings) when he decided to vinify his own wines, beginning in 2007.  

The region, home to the highest vineyards in Europe, is truly 'viticoltura di montagna'.  Winters here are long and freezing and the summers, although warm, are short. Working the land is incredibly labour intensive: individual land holdings are small, traditionally mixed use, and most vineyards are terraced on the steep hillsides. Elio's four hectares are planted on the south facing hills of Aosta, Saint-Christophe and Quart at about 600 metres.  

  • Parossan Neyves
  • Aosta
  • 2007
  • Elio Ottin
  • Elio Ottin
  • 20,000 bottles
  • 4
  • Sustainable