Rocca di Montegrossi

Monti in Chianti (Gaiole) Tuscany

Rocca di Montegrossi is located in the heart of Chianti Classico, about seven kilometres from Gaiole. The name comes from the historic fortress (la rocca) that was built during the Longobard period (600-800 AD) by Geremia, ancestor of the Ricasoli–Firidolfi family, and destroyed in 1530. Marco is part of the Ricasoli family that wrote the story of Chianti Classico, creating the formula for the wine we know today at the site of what is now his San Marcellino vineyard.  The estate covers 60 hectares, of which 18 are under vine and 20 with olives trees. The vineyards are situated on gently sloping hills that are calcareous origin, at between 300-450 metres and planting densities range from 3,300 vines per hectare in the old vineyards to 5200-6200 in the new.

  • Monti in Chianti (Gaiole)
  • Siena
  • 1994
  • Marco Ricasoli-Firidolfi
  • Marco Ricasoli-Firidolfi & Attilio Pagli
  • 80,000 bottles
  • 18
  • Certified Organic