Castagneto Carducci Tuscany

Established in 1977 at Castagneto Carducci in Bolgheri, Italy's 'cradle of Cabernet', Grattamacco has delivered remarkable consistency since the first vintage in 1982. Located about one kilometre from the Tyrrhennian coast, the fourteen hectares of vineyards are divided by soil type into seven micro zones and farmed organically. As one of the region's historic properties, Grattamacco remains the only producer in Bolgheri to stay loyal to Sangiovese in its flagship wine, a factor we think only enhances its distinctly Italian character amongst the Bordeaux-styled wines of the region. Claudia Tipa of ColleMassari purchased Grattamacco in 2002.

  • Castagneto Carducci
  • Livorno
  • 1977
  • Claudio Tipa
  • Luca Marrone & Maurizio Castelli
  • 80,000 bottles
  • 13
  • Certified Organic