Prosecco the wine hails from the hills near Treviso. The area enjoys a gentle climate, protected by the alpine wall to the north, resulting in a wine that delivers sheer foaming joy.  Just looking around the gently rolling hills is a joy as well, bathed as they often are in soft sunlight, they have a luminosity as if freshly painted by a Renaissance master.  Prosecco is an indigenous variety that is now known as Glera. In Venetian dialect, ziro means to circle or spin, referring to the circulation of money in Venice's Rialto business district.  Today, Prosecco is the wine that spins the dollars of the wine business in the Veneto region. Ziro is an extremely appealing spumante characterised by its lively aromas and pear and citrus fruit, made in the brut style to be refreshing and dry.  Perfect on its own, with antipasti or mixed with white peach juice to make the regions famous Bellini cocktail.