Enrico Gatti

Brescia Lombardy

In 1975 Enrico Gatti purchased a single hectare in Erbusco, the heart of the Franciacorta region, and made a red wine which he sold in demijohns to local restaurants. At the time Franciacorta was really just getting started as a sparkling wine region and, seeing the potential, Enrico enlisted the support of his children, Lorenzo and Paola, and Paola's husband Enzo Balzarini, and in 1984 they acquired a further sixteen hectares with the aim of producing a great bollicine.

Now very much a family operation with a third generation involved, the total production is 100,000 bottles - still tiny by local standards. The vineyards are all planted on the regions classic morainic terrain (an accumulation of boulders, stones, or other debris carried and deposited by a glacier). Farming is organic and exclusively by hand.

  • Brescia
  • Province
  • 1975
  • Gatti family
  • Lorenzo Gatti & Enzo Balzarini
  • 100000 bottles
  • 17
  • Organic