Franz Haas

Montagna Trentino-Alto Adige

The Alto Adige region, known as the sud-Tirol when it belonged to neighbouring Austria, provides an awe-inspiring backdrop for grape growing. The valley is split by the Adige river and vineyards are planted on either side of the steep mountains, up to 1000 metres. Franz Haas is the third generation first-born son named Franz to run this family estate, established in 1880. The vines here reflect the challenging extremes of viticulture. Freezing winters, hot summers moderated by cool breezes from Lago di Garda and the surrounding mountains, and significant differences between day and night temperatures provide pristine fruit.  The wines are characterised by crisp fruit and refreshing acidity with real personality and ageing potential. 

  • Montagna
  • Bolzano
  • 1880
  • Franz & Luisa Haas
  • Franz Haas
  • 290,000 bottles
  • 50
  • Conventional